The coloured x-ray prints are intended for the private market. It's limited editions. Version lambda print on acryl alu-dibond. A signed certificate with the number of the work, information about the specific image, detailed information about the x-ray equipment, the applied x-ray technique etc. is part of it.

Prices depend on the dimensions. A price list is available on request. If you are interested, pleas fill in the form below. And we will get back to you.

Solitary animals

A number of x-rays, mainly solitaire animals, are available as poster. They can be purchased from Fine Art America.

Custom applications

For specific applications like publication in printed or online magazines, exhibitions, department decoration, packaging, calendars, on websites, blogs etc. etc. the x-rays are available at Science Photo Library (SPL). Please contact SPL (info@sciencephoto.co.uk)  for a licence to use the images.


A. van ’t Riet
Medical Physicist
X-ray Radiography of Nature
The Netherland

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